Butterfly Wings

文章作者:admin | 2020-05-03 02:58

  歌手:Owl City

  所属专辑:Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition)

  歌曲:Butterfly Wings mp3

  Butterfly Wings Owl City歌词


  If I was a raindrop

  Youd be my thunderstorm

  Its cold, so surround me

  With rain clouds to keep me warm

  I feel like I; m falling

  So Darling, dont let me go

  The thought is apphaling

  But should I slip away

  into the stormy sea

  Will you remember me

  A sleep in the warm cacoons

  I dream of lovely things

  Were both gonna wake up soon

  So we hope that tomorrow

  brings us our Butterfly Wings

  If I was a grain of sand

  Would you be Miami Beach

  So dusty with starlight

  Close your eyes a cuddle

  close to me

  Ill try not to wake you

  Or make a sound while

  youre dozing off

  But in the night should

  the high tides

  Sweep me away from you

  Tell me again my dear,

  will you be waiting here

  Whenever we leave the ground

  And take to the sky

  Ill smile as Im gazing down

  Cause Ive always wondered why

  We dont need feathers to fly

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